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Cool little thread to post and talk about your latest magazine assignments

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Out shooting a travel segment for Texas Parks and Wildlife
Tony Plutino is an adventure guide along the Llano river in Mason Texas


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Master carpenter, beat boxer, guitar player, singer, song writer and harmonica player, Ben Guenther of Salado Texas. Shot for an area life style magazine.


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You know what drives me crazy....
Photographers that tout "Published" Photographer all over their marketing.
I'm not sure about other peoples communities, but it's too common here.
Most of the time the "published" photographer is only published because they submit free art to half wit magazines. That's a bit like paying for your own trophy.
in my eyes...you can call your self published when you start getting assignment calls. When the magazine WANTS you, not when they're looking to skimp on art and creative costs and ask the whole world to submit and you win the lottery.
Excluding magazines that curate a wants list photographer pool that also pay for those submissions.
For instance i was asked to be a member of the Texas Parks and Wildlife wants list a curated list of trusted photographers, rather than the general public.

Anyone else?
or am i just an ass.

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* * *

Don't really know you well enough to call you an ass. . . (wink)

although I would say your opinion is a bit elitist . . .
* * *
I would argue that "published is published" regardless of how it gets to print. . .
now, the publication company/publisher may NOT care about the quality of their own product, including the images it displays in each issue... and they may not screen or scrutinize the photo submissions to any real degree.

Published or not, the quality of their work is all that matters, yes?
I look at a photographer's images first... decide if I like it or not... THEN go looking for any additional awards and accolades to see if they warrant a second look - something that I might not appreciate, but that others find attractive or noteworthy...

I've only entered ONE photo competition in Lillington, NC. . . LOL
I won the People's Choice award. . .
Can I now proclaim myself an "award winner". . .?
Certainly... but my imagery may very well bear out the fact that I "shouldn't" ...

As before... the quality of the work and the eye of the viewer is all that really matters.

Your mileage may vary. . . (wink)

Until that time. . .

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Published is published for sure.When using the material for marketing, share a link or provide a proof and let future clients decide if they see your work as something they want for their assignments.