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Project: SplatteredInk, Can anyone help?

Hello Everyone!
My name is Jinx, I am mostly just a digital artist however, I am currently in progress to a project that I hope this community will help me with 😊
I am creating an art magazine that features 4 different categories of art: Photography, Digital Art, Traditional Art, and Animation.
Every issue will have a slightly different category but the goal for this project is to reach out to Artists and non-Artists with information and education. For artists, I hope to give them information. The first issue will be about starting out and where to start, then with more issues, the more information that expands out. For Non-Artists, I hope to give them education about the insights of an artist. Most of the time, non-artist does not understand how hard being an artist is, so I have created sections called “Artist Articles” where artists are interviewed and get asked about their experiences and what they go through every day.
Although this is the goal I hope to achieve, I cannot because even though I’m just a digital artist, I have no experience in photography. I cannot create or think up content, if I have no idea what content is suited for photographers. I have some ideas of what I want to create but I have no experience to know if any of it is actually a good idea.

SO, I hope you will be kind enough to help me with my questions and help me through this.
One of the questions is, what are things you seen or asked yourself when you first started?
Did college help you with your path to be a photographer?
Is there anything you like to see in this magazine?
I am thinking about doing Equipment Review Articles so what is something you like to see reviewed or if you have already reviewed something, would you like to include it in the magazine?

I am welcomed to all kinds of ideas, and if you like to submit your own article, I would love to include it in the magazine.

Thank you for the reading 😊

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