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Digital contracts

Interested in any information about creating a digital contract to be signed rather than old school paper method. It’s almost 2020 let’s save some trees. Is there any apps? Or could I just write up a document and have them sign with Apple Pencil and save document before shoot? Would this hold up in court date f it ever came to it?

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If I tell you it will hold up in court how will you know I am right?

If I list a bunch of reasons why it won't stand up in court (it almost certainly won't) how will you know I am right?

If I (and everyone else here) tell you it will hold up in court and it turns out we were wrong.... what then? We have no legal duty of care to you. You can't sue us.

I spent 20 years negotiating high value IP licensing and software development contracts. I got to see lots of top lawyers working. In all that time I learned enough to know not to write my own contracts.

If this is worth having a contract for then it is worth having an actual contract. Go see a lawyer and pay them for a contract. That way it will be valid where you live/work, legally binding and do what you need. and if it doesn't you can sue them.