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How much money are you making per month shooting stock?

When I was in college I started shooting stock and I got up to around $500-$1000/month but I got bunt out with all of the uploading, keywording, and model releases so I totally quit. I know if I had stuck with it I would have a pretty substantial income at this point (12 years later)

So my question is, how much time have you spent working in stock and how much do you make for all of your effort?

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I haven't spent much time with my stock photography, however I have plans on increasing the amount that I do while I am at school and doing other genres of photography.

I have also not made much doing stock photography either lol. With my 9 photos uploaded, I've made a grand total of 0.28$ USD.

Maybe someday I'll get the total up to 1$ haha.