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Experience with EyeEm Market as a stock photo seller?

I'm not exactly a stock photographer, but I have been using EyeEm as my online landscape photography portfolio site and simultaneously getting at least some of my images into the EyeEm market and EyeEm premium market. No sales yet, but I don't have many images up or much time into it yet. Also not really paying much attention to my tags.

I'm wondering is others have used EyeEm market successfully for selling stock images and what info they can share about where EyeEm falls in stock image sites?


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I actively sell stock via Shutterstock, Adobe and EyeEm. I make the most sales on Shutterstock as one would assume but the price per photo is very low. I do sell quite a bit on Adobe and I do get very decent payments per photo.

As far as EyeEM goes, I don't put much effort into it as I hardly ever see any sales there but when I do get sales I make sometimes like $5 per photo which to me makes it worth uploading to there when I get free time once in a while. 90% of my photos there have been accepted EyeEm premium market and also selected for sale via Getty.