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Portland Photogrphers introduce yourself!


I'm Martin. I'm a Photogrpher/Director/Video Tech based in Portland. I recently left my job of 10 years at a corporate media production company to be a freelancer. I really like all types of Photogrphy. But my personal projects tend to lean towards the abstrat.

We are started this group to build a tighter community of fstoppers in the portland area. So please be our gusts and join us on a future meet up!

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Look forward to seeing if interest in this group grows to make a meet up possible. Would love to meet more fellow photogs in the area and see if there are some common interests where we can share experiences.

So a bit about me: my main interests are travel photography, land/city-scapes, architecture, events, and I've been doing a bit of portraiture as a side gig. I've been the lead photographer for a few weddings and would like to pursue this more in the future as I love the mixture of styles needed to capture such a beautiful moment in people's lives.

Hope there's more PDX'ers who want to meet!

Hello fellow PDX photographers! I just joined f-stoppers last week and this is my first post. I've practiced photography for about 15 years on and off but just about a few months ago started taking it pretty seriously. My focus is on photojournalism and architecture photography, though I would like to do creative portraits and landscapes as well. I will be posting stuff on fstoppers soon. It would be great to meet fellow photographers if more peoople join the page!

I'm up here near Sandy/Boring. Been in the business 40 years still shoot for some companies back in California and New York. Looking forward to see if people get together. Sounds like fun.

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Hi All,

I am a photographer in Vancouver WA area. I would love to get together and meet some fellow photographers. I would love to pick you brains about where to shoot outdoor around portland.


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Hey Dave,

What kind of outdoor are you looking for? The gorge has a lot of great features.

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Yeah, love to find some abandoned buildings.

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I have been wanting to explore the falls and the mill in Oregon City.