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Every 2nd Fire ... Only & Always???

Hey people! I'm looking for a little help, please.

The gear: Canon EOS Rebel T5 | EF 28-135mm f3.5-5.6 | Yongnuo YN568EX II speedlite | Yongnuo YN622C-TX trigger | Yongnuo YN622C receiver

Problem 1: For some reason, it will only fire every 2nd time I hit the shutter button. I wait for it to regen and I get the beep for full & ready ... but yet it will skip the first click and only fire on the second click. Every time! Anybody have any experience/ideas regarding this kind of issue?

Problem 2: Not sure why, but HSS will only fire up to 1/500. Anything faster than that and I get shutter-shadow. This just baffles me because I should be able to get up to 1/8000 with the trigger and the camera has a max of 1/4000.

I realize it's not the most sophisticated gear, but it's still good gear and any help/advice would be appreciated.


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Hi Mark, presumably by now you have discovered that you had Mirror Lockup (MLU) set , and have now cleared it.
With that frustration behind you, go check out Magic Lantern. It is possible with this free software to do intervalometer on your T5i and if you set the mirror up fully, do a whole sequence with no slap-click slap-click