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Nikon vs Rokinon 24mm F3.5 Tilt Shift Lens


Any suggestions on which one is better for a interior shoot ? Using D810.


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I would say it comes down to distortion and budget. I have an old Nikkor 28mm Shift lens and as much as I want to love it, the barrel distortion is really hard to address once you've shifted the lens and that makes it tough. I've heard the Rokinon is sharp once it's stopped down but I've not heard how the two compare in regards to distortion.

The Nikon is famous for its unflat field (field corners are bent towards the photographer), which might be beneficial for interior shooting.

I've never tried the Nikon but like my Rokinon a lot. Really, the difference between great lenses and good lenses are fairly minor and neither of these are great.

I rented out the 24mm PCe Nikon version and I found it to be good but not great. Some of my personal experience is; the image quality that the lens renders is not as good as a 24-70 tamron (because its an old lens), the noise and the muted colors. It could be that I got my hands on a bad copy, will rent again soon and share my thoughts.