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I know "it's the photographer, not the gear," but....

Wow, what a difference a gear upgrade can make! Last week I posted in this group asking for advice about upgrading from a DX to and FX, finally making the decision to focus more on lenses than body for the time being.

Long story short, my tech obsession got the best of me (and my bank account) when I found a great deal on a D810 kit + a 16mm-35mm lens at B&H Photo. I moved up from a D5600 with kit lenses. I've only had the new camera / lenses for a few days and this morning is the first time I've really been able to get out for a test drive. I'm in love with full frame!

The first photo (with the church) was taken last week with the D5600. The second was this morning with the D810. Although I'm content with both, there is a night-vs-day difference in image quality. Neither image spent a lot of time in processing, but the softness of the D5600's finer details is definitely noticeable.

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