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Nikon D3200 not working with Windows 10

I just recently acquired a Nikon D3200, but both my laptop, and the computer in the camera shop refuse to detect the camera when it's plugged in. Both machines are running Windows 10. Some googling seems to say there is a known, but not patched issue with this, but I can't find a work around. I really want to shoot tethered while I'm learning so I can see the shots I'm taking at a decent size. Does anyone have any experience with this and knows a fix? Or am I just stuck with doing this the long way round?

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Hello Jordi,

I had a similar issue with D7100 before and the way I got it to work was

a) I changed the memory card inside the camera
b) I reinstalled the codec for NEF

See if this works for you.


What firmware does your D3200 have, and have you looked to see if there was an update. It may be the correction you need.

I wonder if Jordi found a solution for his problem. It would be nice to hear back from him.