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35mm f/2.8 or 28mm f/2?

Currently as of right now, I am seeking anyone in this group who might have some portrait sample shots from either of these lenses in their No edited format. I'm curious if anyone has any experience with either of these lenses as well and can tell me the Pros and Cons of owning one over the other. Right now I am leaning towards the 28mm f/2 for projects I am working on one for the price it's at (which I think is a steal). Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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From what I've heard the 28mm isn't weather sealed. It sounds like it's got better performance on DxOMark though. The extra stop could be nice for lighting - but I don't think you will get much bokeh/shallow DOF for either lens.

I've got the 35 f/1.4 which is nice, but it's pretty heavy. I do see myself eyeing both of those lenses from time to time. I would get the 28mm if it were my choice. With the A7rii, I get basically two lenses 24 f/2 & 36 f/3 - pretty close to the 35 f/2.8.