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Bodies/Camera Discussion

I thought it would be worth talking about experiences with various cameras. I mainly use two Graflex Speed Graphics, a 6x9 and a 5x4. Both are great- their tilt, rise and shit is good enough for all the things I want, although I do wish they had swing. I also use a 5x4 MPP, which has full movements, but I find it less user friendly than the Graflex. What do you use and how do you like them?

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I just started in LF photography but didn't have the opportunity to do it more, what a shame that i did shoot only 5 sheets so far, but i have a serious plan that i will shoot LF more from next year and see what i can get or end up.

I have Speed Graphic Pacemaker 4x5 and Crown Graphic 4x5, Shen Hao HXZ45IIA, i only used Shen Hao for those 5 sheets, and i keep looking for a cheap used or even brand new LF that has full movements, my Shen Hao model have almost all movements except the front shift, if it has this then i may never look for another LF body, but it is a bug inside me that keep calling for perfectionism things.

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I just started shooting LF again after about 15 years, so I picked up the most affordable deal I could find for what I wanted which is a Toyo 45cx. It is a pretty light monorail with full (tilt, swing, rise, fall) movements front and rear. Eventually I would like something with geared movements to offer better fine control, but right now it is working well. With a sturdy enough tripod it is easily transportable, and light enough to take in the field if wanted. Currently using a Fujinon W 180 5.6 and a Rodenstock 210 5.6 as my lenses.

Eventually I would also like to get my hands on a crown graphic with an AeroEktar 2.7, but mostly because I really like the look of the lens.

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I have been shooting with the Graflex Crown Graphic and I love it! I love shooting with expired film because of the look. I would still like to get some crystal clear images which I have not been able to do shooting any type of film. These are from my first time shooting LF and come to find out that I was agitating to much and the sheets were slipping off of the MOD 54 and sticking together in the tank. I have an Epson V800 scanner so I am not sure what else could be causing the very unsharp images that I am getting.