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shooting on the go and selecting

Good day or Good evening to all

Just joined the group and hoping to be able to contribute some value to it; but now im thinking maybe you can help me with value.
I often go on trips by myself and take photos. Some i wonder if can be used for stock. I already have a shutterstock account and 300 dollars down over 2 years; but i dont seem to have cracked the nut of what is useful. Of course i've read the advice from shutterstock and other sites.
Would any of you give a comment on some of my attached pictures telling me which one would work for stock and possibly why?
They are still from RAW.

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I used to shoot stock when I was in college and I got up to $500/$1000/month before I quit. I found that the most valuable and easy to capture shots were business and family related. My all time most valuable shot was a picture of my mothers hand signing a contract. My second most valuable shot was of my grandmother holding a baby. Every time I tried to complicate my shoot I wouldn't make much money.

Basically grab a good looking man or woman and put them in a business suit ;)

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Hey Kevin, I can't see your attached images, but i shoot stock images for Getty and sales are definitely linked to whatever the sales trends are. (i.e. right now POV is very popular so shoot the family pics or the business pics but think how you can add a pov element to the images). I don't know how shutterstock work but with Getty you get briefs of current trends and needs and then as a contributor you try to find a way to best match that. Like Lee said try not to complicate your shoots too much and don't over think them, just shoot what you know.

Best of luck with it, and if you have any follow up questions then please feel free to ask