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favourite camera and why.

whats your favourite camera and why, whether you a 35mm guy, a medium/large format, wet or dry plate, your welcome to brag about your gear here.

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Hi Sean,
I am excited to be a member of this group.

My current favourite camera is my FujiFilm GX680 III, medium format camera. It is a monster of a medium format camera that has a bellows and features limited movements similar to a large format camera and is able to shot in 6x9, 6x7, 6x4.5, and 1x1 formats. I have 80mm and 210 mm lenses, but will look to expand as I can.

I also love my Canon EOS 1 V 35mm format camera. I can use all my great Canon EF L series glass with it.

What are yours?


I Shot lots on my Mamiya 645e, tons of street portraits and fixed it once with a gum paper in SFO :)
Still working. Right now I love my 100 year old 30x40cm wet plate camera :)

How goes the song go, "I fall in love too easily."
I don't have 100 -- mostly film -- cameras, but close. A camera is a tool and I use the right monkey wrench for the job.My first really good camera was a Rolleiflex, (back in the late 1950s) and I love that camera. I had a Leica m2r for a while and it was very nice but I got rid of it. SLRs paid the bills in those days. I now have a Minolta Al rangefinder from the 1960s. It has a 45mm f2 lens and the shutter goes to 1/1000. Only the single lens but I like to use just one lens on a rangefinder. At one time I had a 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 Praktisix and it was fabulous. It was like an oversized 35mm and the lenses were great including a 180mm f2.8 Sonnar. I have Nikons from the original F to DSLR. Fabulous lenses for the Nikon can be had for a song if you look around.

Graflex 4x5 is my favourite camera, I've packed it on mountain tops and glaciers.

Hi Sean - new guy here. I've been shooting more film than digital lately and I've really been having fun with a Bronco SQ camera with a 80mm lens. My other two are a Canon EOS-1v and a Nikon F2 (I mainly got the F2 when the zombie apocalypse hits and there is no longer electricity ;)

1) Leica M6 ttl (because I just got it)- love the simplicity, obviously the design, the weight and feel of the camera are perfect
2) Polaroid Land Camera 250- it's easy to pack, I'm saving my FP-3000B for special occasions at this point.
3) Mamiya RB67 Pro S- I've got multiple 120 backs for it and a polaroid adapter back. It's a beast and weighs a ton, but it's fun to shoot with
4) Canon A1- it was my first SLR. I learned how to shoot with it on full manual, I really had to think about the shot. It helped me learn how to slow down and think about the composition, lighting (or lack thereof) falloff, contrast, and of course shutter speed vs aperture priorities. I now have like 3 of them, FD lenses are a dime a dozen and are easy to sell/trade if there's anything camera related I may need.

Medium format: Hasselblad 500 - because it's second to none
Rangefinder: Leica M2 - because it's . . .
SLR: Nikon F3 - because . . .

Excited to be a member of the Analog Photography group!...I use an RB67 Pro-S with Motorized SD 120 and 220 6x7 film backs...Nikon F5, and Rollei 35 for very different reasons That Rollei 35 is a streetable Gem where the F5 is a machinegun!...I also use a 4x5 Peacemaker Speed Graphic...+ my Private Darkroom to Print from using a Beseler MCRX...its slowly coming together into a usable darkroom, the MCRX functions like a reverse camera using paper as its medium...so I mentioned it...