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Racists march in Bristol.

Yesterday there was a march of Racists/Fascists Through Bristol, UK. I went to cover this and thought i'd post a few shots. Would love to know how I could improve.

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sam Caravana's picture

Technically, all of your images are very solid! I would try to capture more emotion, for example someone reacting to the protest by crying or showing their middle finger. I'm not sure if there was any interaction between police and the protestors but if there is that would have been a good image.

Christopher Lane's picture

Thanks Sam, There wasn't a great deal of interaction between protesters and the police, it would have been more interesting admittedly. I was hoping it would get a lot more heated.

Lee Perry's picture

You are using a telephoto in all the shots and it shows. You are too far and the shots are too cropped to get any idea what is actually happening. They appear more like "Portraits of Police Officers." Try using a wider focal length and get in there and capture the people AND the environment so that there is a sense of scale and what is actually happening. To give you an example, I would carry a 17-35mm F2.8. I understand if you are intimidated but keep in mind standing far away with a telephoto is technically more suspicious. Go up, try and talk to the people, and get some closer photos.