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Brewery Beer Shoot

Hey everyone,

I recently did this shoot for a local brewery and thought I would share how I did them. The beer pour shot used a B1X through a 5’ octabox and a silver reflector behind the glass to light the beer. The bar top shot was a little trickier. I used a B1X with a strip box for the rim light, the octabox to light the bar and coins, and a silver reflector card to light the beer. I had to composite seven layers together to control the reflections on the bar and to comp together the rim lights.

Any thoughts or advice on either shot would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Great shots Steven, I really like the gesture in your tabletop shot, the bubbles still coming up to the head, nice detail. Only thing I would say, and it's small stuff, would be on the tabletop the taps on the background are a nice touch, but it still catches my eye a little, I see myself wandering there often, but I like the graphic, I think it works for the shot. On the pour, I would like to see a little more head, but that's personal preference anyway. Great work, your lighting is subtle but very nice. Congrats.

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Thanks man! Really appreciate the input.