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Input needed!

Hello everyone,
I could really use some feedback from you all. I have been a photographer for several years but I have just started my wedding photography business this year. I have recently sold my action sports workhorse, my Canon 7d, and I am now looking to get a full frame. For my budget I am torn between the Nikon d800 and the Sony A7ii. I guess the reason I am posting this here is that I love what I am seeing with the Sony A cameras and I am really leaning that direction. I am not naive to think that there are not limitations and drawbacks with this system but I wanted some feedback from photographers that have used this system. I have read a few articles from wedding photographers that are using the A7ii as their primary wedding camera. While the A7ii may not be the best in the lineup for weddings it does fall in my price range. Any feedback that you could give would be most helpful in my decision.
Just for some background, I am not tied to any system so making a jump to another system will not be a problem and I am not concerned with the one card slot that the A7ii has. I am a little concerned with the auto focus but I come from a documentary video background so I would be manual focusing a good bit of the time.
Thanks in advance for any comments that you have.

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