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OMD Portraits

Please feel free to post you Olympus OMD Series Camera Portraits and provide feedback on others posts, lets see what this fantastic little camera system can do and learn from each other to improve... So get posting your portrait shots. All of these portrait have been captured using natural light only...

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Stan Foxworthy's picture

The Olympus M4/3 system is a delight to use, along with some of the best optics I have ever seen. I did extensive testing over the last few months of 2016, and decided to sell off my entire kit of Canon gear (including 1Dx, 5D3, L glass, etc.) and go entirely with the Olympus.

Torgeir Hansson's picture

As with Stan, I sold all my Canon 5D3 stuff and rediscovered the joy of shooting.

Laith, that is one great little girl. The two lower-key portraits really speak to me, as well as the mischievous one. There is much life in those. There was certainly a lot of rapport there. Did you use the LVF or the EVF during the shoot?

Richard Correale's picture

I've been an Olympus user since the film days, switched to Canon for digital but got really tired of the size and weight so went back over to Oly M4/3 and couldn't be happier.

Geoff Cole's picture

E-M1 Mark II, 40-150mm 2.8 Pro

Wayne macphail's picture

Just got the new OM-D M5 MIII happy with it so far. Using the 45mm for this one.