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Introduce yourself by posting one of your favorite athletic/fitness shots!

Hey friends, my name is Rex, I currently live in Saint George, Utah. Most of my photography is one landscape or another, but on occasion I'll dabble in portraiture. Shooting fitness/yoga/athletics is still something pretty new to me. It's one of those styles that really forces me to try new poses, compositions, location, and more! I look forward to shooting more fitness and expanding my capabilities here!

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Hello ..... New member :) .... My name is Milos, from Serbia .... Body Building and Fitness is my life ....gym owner, etc .... So obviously I like to take photos of athletes .....

Hello All!

My name is Bryan. I have shot fitness before and realized I have done it rather casually. I am needing to revamp my fitness portfolio and wanting to hit it serious and hard. I joined this group in hopes of reaping knowledge from some of the best in this craft. Ready and willing to learn

Hello! I am athletic and photograph athletic people! Alway enjoy seeing people lighting for fitness images!

Inspired by Tim Tadder's image, I shot this one.