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Glad this group exists!

Hi guys! I'm really happy a climbing group exists!

Would you mind checking my portfolio and giving me feedback on my photos? I know most are indoors, but I would love feedback, advice, ratings, and comments on my photos.
Thank you in advance!

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Yo Tyler! I'm stoked on this group too! I think your first photo "stick the dyno" is my favorite. I like the framing and I think you were really able to capture the struggle of the moment. I think the bit of motion blur helps to emphasize the energy that's being put into that move. I like that he's slapping that slab as well, looks like a super tough and strong move.

What gym were these taken at? Do you have any outdoor shots?

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Thanks so much Will! I room these at the Boston Rock Gym in Massachusetts. I only have a couple outdoor photos that I'm not very proud of, because I now have a torn meniscus and can't get outdoors at all. Thanks again!

Bummer dude! I hope you heal up quick so you can get back at it!