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Digital Back for a Hasselblad H mount...

All the way from Down Under and this seem to come easier on the second hand market over in the States or UK so if anyone is upgrading Im in the market for a digital back, either Phase one P30+ or newer or a Leaf Credo or Aptus with similar pixel count. Also if you have a 120mm HC or an 80mm HC I may be interested.


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I don't have exactly what you are seeking, but I thought that I would let you know what I do have. I have a Leaf Aptus 17 that I am not using. I have a very low shutter count H1 body, an HC 50-110 zoom lens and an HC 210mm. While I do have an HC 80mm, I am likely to keep that. I am looking to get rid of the other HC lenses because I recently purchases the Zeiss Otus lenses.