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Wanted: Underwater housing for nikon D200

Hey all!

Am looking for underwater housing for nikon d200 for a personal project. Apparently they aren't being made anymore so used is my best option. I'm open to bag or hardcase tho hardcase is slightly preferable. Needs to be in good condition (no leaks!) and would be awesome if came with extra rings/manuals but i'll take what i can get. Thanks!

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I actually had a case that was outfitted for a D200 but I believe the only button that worked was the shutter release. I just cleaned out my garage and I gave it to goodwill last week!

I understand BUT the housings are expensive and hard to come by. why don't you look for a housing for any camera and then add the camera to the mix. Basing a very expensive buy on a D200 may not be cost effective.