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Recent seniors

I have been shooting weddings and families for years but just recently started making senior portraits. It'd be great to get a little constructive feedback on these. Thanks!

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Great pictures, and welcome to the seniors group! I think your three pictures have a nice film-ish look to them, which makes sense since you shoot both formats. In the second picture, I think the background is a bit busy and distracting. Maybe if it were a bit more out of focus, like in the first picture (which I think has a timeless and classic feel to it), it could help. I do love the sunburst and flare in the third picture. Did you use any lighting or a reflector?

But please take anything I say with a grain of salt; I am by no means any sort of expert.

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Thanks Jon. Appreciate your input. No lighting or reflector. Traveling light for all three of these sessions.