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Introduce yourself & share your work

Welcome to the Stock Photography group!

Introduce yourself here and share some of your work. I'll get it started.

I'm an American commercial photographer originally from Detroit, USA. I'm currently based in South Africa shooting for the tourism industry and building my Stocksy portfolio. I got my start with iStock and Getty Images back in 2006.

You can find me here:



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Hi, Hilary. I'm a family photographer in Brazil, but I've tried getting into stock a couple of years ago. I actually found it to be a lot of work for little payback, and I kept hearing that it's just not worth it. Recently, I started hearing a lot that there are still a lot of people making money on it. I have A LOT of travel photos from trips around the world, and a lot of stuff from my home city, Rio de Janeiro. What's your take on the issue?

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C'mon guys. Is anyone gonna come to this post... ? I was actually pretty excited to start discssing stock, but apparently i'm the only one. :(

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I was just reading about Yuri Arcurs who makes millions every year on this. Volume and quantity and meeting market demands are important. I have some things I'm tempted to upload and see what happens, but I really don't want to "sell out" by going microstock... I'm curious what the veterans of this have to say about macro vs micro stock.

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Hillary would be interesting to provide us with your opinion. I think the traditional microstock is about to shift into precisely the new movements that have been made in the industry, and that Hillary is a part. I see these new concepts such as more natural, more real and now only need to know whether the market is what you want. The price difference between the two is also significant, to live microstock need to do things very well and have a high production rate.

About Arcurs has been in the past than today, although now it has moved to a country where tax payment is less taxes

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My day job consists of writing code and working with databases and I have the luxury of traveling for work around the US. My outlet for writing code and dealing with the cubicle life is my photography. I am relatively new to the Stock Photography field but looking to grow that experience.



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Hi, Hilary.im a Portrait//Prewedding/Wedding Photographer based in Bengkulu, Indonesia.
You can find me here :
https://instagram.com/ilva_photo/ or

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Hey Hilary,
I'm also with Getty doing photo and video stock, I recently went to one of the istockalypse events in Tokyo and it was a lot of fun. And I got to meet some photographers who like yourself are both istock and Getty. I'd be interested to hear your view/ experiences with both. I know many used to feel like Istock wasn't as good because they were lower return per image sale but from what I've been hearing lately from many of my friends who shoot for both is that their monthly return is growing via istock and declining via Getty.

Mine with Getty is growing steadily per month so I can't complain. But would be interested to hear your thoughts.


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Hello from Arizona. While I am not a full-time photographer, I do earn a side income shooting stock images, adventure travel and travel imagery in general. While I have different images with different site, Alamy has a good variety of my work. I am also represented by Getty.