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Joey Wright and Fstoppers Produce the Ultimate Swimwear Photography Tutorial


In the spring of 2016, Fstoppers teamed up with Miami-based photographer Joey Wright to produce a full-length tutorial on all things swimwear photography. Joey is best known for his clean, airy, and warm swimwear images which have made him one of the most sought after swimwear photographers in Miami. Over the years, Joey Wright has work with dozens of clients including Montce Swimwear, Ravish Sands Swimwear, Noelle Swimwear, Perfect Tan Bikini, ONE.1 Management, Ford Models, Next Model Management, Devoted Creations, Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders (NFL), Tropic Beauty Model Search, and The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to name a few. Joey has also become one of the highest rated photographers in the Fstoppers Community with many of his images being rated at the top of the entire photography community.


In order to offer the most thorough and exciting tutorial possible, Joey and the Fstoppers crew headed down to Curacao, a beautiful Dutch island off the coast of Venezuela, to film 10 full days of content. Nothing is spared as Joey shares all of his secrets in creating the best swimwear photos possible. Through extended interviews and multiple full session shooting lessons, Joey teaches everything he uses to consistently produce beautiful commercial swimwear images in any situation. Below are just some of the topics covered in this 20 hour tutorial:

  • Using natural light
  • Bouncing and shaping light with reflectors
  • Scrimming harsh sunlight
  • Lighting with strobes and various modifiers
  • A full 90 minute lesson on coaching and posing a model live
  • Makeup and Hair advice
  • Proper model casting and selection
  • Swimsuit styling
  • A complete outline of photography gear and styling tools
  • Joey's full postproduction workflow including raw editing and retouching (raw files included)
  • 4 additional "free style" shooting sessions where Joey builds portfolio images on a variety of unique locations
  • Insider information about the business and market of swimwear photography
  • 7 full behind-the-scenes episodes of the filming and producing of this tutorial
Learn every aspect of how Joey creates his images

The entire Fstoppers team is excited to share with you all the helpful tips and tips Joey has learned throughout his career in the swimwear genre. 

Below are some of the images taught in this tutorial.

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