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So Much SPAM!

Community spam images, for moderator tracking

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Don't sweat over it, this list is over 1200 spam messages like yours in less that 3 months. FStoppers does nothing about them and the report button is a placebo, nothing really happpens when it is clicked.

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I just wanted to thank you for adding all these to this list, all but one (that is a legitimate photo) has been removed.

The report button is not a placebo. we do actively remove these posts. You would be surprised how many you never see. Accusing us of supporting those things is a little harsh. But seriously thank you for rounding all these up. I will check back on this list regularly now if you continue to add these.

But you should remove the one remaining image. check his profile, hes an active member of the community.

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Thank you very much for your efforts. I have noticed over that last couple of weeks that this feels like a very different FStoppers than I had experienced over the preceding 12 or so months.

The reply above refering to the reporting as a placebo mentioned 1200 images, and I think that prior to your actions this list was over 2000 images less than a month later. It was very frustrating and dishearting to me as a regular visitor of this site, to see that up to 60% of the images on some days was spam, and no apparent efforts to address these despite reporting. I only reported the images, the videos has looked like 90% spam so I hope you are giving that area of the communities attention as well.

Note that all images in this list prior to this reply had been reported, but this list was only represents images reported from approx Nov last year. I have a list of user accounts that were reported prior to November (I did email FStoppers help a couple of times with periodic lists, again with no response). With a small search I see that many of those earlier images still exist. I will work through those and add those images here.