Woman Attempting Selfie Attacked by Jaguar

Woman Attempting Selfie Attacked by Jaguar

A woman was left requiring medical treatment after she climbed over a barrier at a zoo in order to take a selfie and was mauled by a jaguar. The incident happened at Wildlife World Zoo near Pheonix, Arizona.

Bystanders shot mobile phone footage of the aftermath, with the women clearly traumatized by the incident. Viewer discretion is advised. 

The Guardian reports that the jaguar had a hold of the woman in its claws, forcing the woman’s mother to attempts to distract the big cat by pushing a water bottle into its enclosure. After receiving treatment at a nearby hospital, the woman later returned to the zoo in order to apologize to staff. 

A spokesman for Rural Metro Fire explained that the woman wanted either to photograph the animal or take a selfie, putting herself close enough to the cage that the animal could reach her.

Big cats are evidently dangerous animals but recent research has shown that selfies pose a much greater risk to human life, proven to be even more dangerous than sharks. As Fstoppers reported in October, selfies have killed 269 people in the last six years with drowning and transport the principal causes of death. Animal attacks sits close to the bottom of the list though attacks from crocodiles, alligators, and bears often make headlines, with photographers willfully ignoring warning signs and putting themselves at risk.

Lead image by IanZA.

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Robert Nurse's picture

I'll never understand the need to risk one's life and limb for a selfie!

Yesenia Gonzalez's picture

I agree with you. It's so sad.

Jonathan Brady's picture

...and she was SO CLOSE to a Darwin Award... Next time...

michaeljin's picture

God Bless America.

There is really no limit to the stupidity of people. You know that in the Netherland in a drive around zoo, a French couple stepped out of their car in the cheetah enclosure.

Felix Flores's picture

These individuals should have been charged with child endangerment. Inrresponsible

Robert Nurse's picture

Oh, I don't even want to see that!

And some time later another family did the same stuff.
The news article states that another family stepped out of their car. I suppose too many people don't have the faintest clue anymore how savage nature is.


Graham Glover's picture

Oh but cheetahs are SO CUTE! And so are jaguars. Pretty! Oh and panda bears [w/o the "bears"] are simply adorable.

Let Darwin take its course.

Felix Flores's picture

This is a clear example in today's world. Individuals feels that laws do not apply to them. The only good out of this incident is that no harm was done to the Jaguar. The management of the Zoo should initiate legal actions against this individual for traspassing

michaeljin's picture

I think that the Jaguar did that for them. LOL! GET OFF MY LAWN!

Deleted Account's picture

Do people like this learn to be stupid, or are they born that way?

Daniel Sandvik's picture

Natural selection taking it's course.

Deleted Account's picture

Stupid bitch

David Pavlich's picture

Thankfully, the beastie won't be put down. It does prove that Darwin was onto something.