Four Awesome Photography Videos That You Should Watch ASAP

Four Awesome Photography Videos That You Should Watch ASAP

There is no shortage of amazing videos on the subject of photography. The field is broad. Every once in a while, however, there is a video that pops up which leaves me with my jaw on the floor. Whether it invokes the magic of inspiration, or opens doors I didn't even know existed, those sorts of videos stand out as keystones of great, inspirational teaching.

In this post I'm going to point you towards four videos in particular that stand out in my mind as some of the most inspirational content I have ever ingested. Fair warning however, they are not short. 


Building a Dramatic Portrait by Joel Grimes

Joel Grimes has a magical way of distilling the breadth of photography into the simplicity of creative passion. This particular talk he did at B&H Photo a few years ago is a great inspiration that not only focuses on Grimes' particular brand of portraiture but also on the development of the artistic mind. I've sent this video, many times, to friends who aren't even photographers because of how well Grimes empowers creativity.

Stunning Photos of the Endangered Everglades by Mac Stone

I had never heard of Mac Stone until I clicked on a TED talk that had an interesting photo on the cover. Not entirely sure what I was expecting, I quickly became utterly mesmerized by Stone's amazing passion for storytelling. Any photographer can learn from Stone's method of drawing his soul into the work. Not only is he creating beautiful work but Stone is tethering that beauty to the heart and soul of his audience in an unforgettable way.

Zack Arias: If I Had to Start My Photo Business Today​

This video is a bit of a change in direction from the previous videos which were more about inspiring creativity. Instead, this is Zack Arias' wonderful talk about how he would go about rebuilding his photo business if he has to start over today. Arias is a formidable force in the photography world and he does a fantastic job of candidly discusses the basics of building a business with the camera. Anyone who has given thought to a career in photography has something to learn from this video. 

The Wonder of Light with Joe McNally

Legendary is a word that is often overused to the point of diminishment, but in this case "legendary" truly fits the bill. Joe McNally is one of the great storytellers of our time and this talk is truly a crescendo of his experience. I remember watching this particular presentation when it was streamed live. I had planned to work with it in the background. An hour later I realized my eyes hadn't left the video. This speech, more or less, is the journey through the lifetime of someone that will go down in history as one of the truly great masters who future generations of photographers will talk about with reverence.

Your Turn

OK, now it's your turn. I know you have a few videos in your back pocket that were brilliantly inspirational for you. Hit me up in the comments below with links to your favorite videos. Show me the sorts of content that changed your life. I can't wait!

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Dave McDermott's picture

I really liked this one from Joey L. He traveled to a very dangerous part of the world to take some portraits of Guerrilla fighters, putting himself at risk. It shows the passion he has for photography. He's one of the best photographers out there at the moment.

Wayne Du Bruyn's picture

Never knew he did this project , what dedication , big ups to Joey!

Wayne Du Bruyn's picture

Thanks for sharing this Ryan , really enjoyed this. If i may share a video .....often when i feel like I'm losing the plot or feel like giving up i turn to a video from Zack Aries , this video puts things into perspective and truly inspires. Im a little bias on this one as i consider him a mentor from afar , hope you enjoy it.

VJ Tristram Vailoces's picture

This too is my favorite photography video of all time, I'd like to thank Zack Arias for sharing this very personal work for all the world to reflect on

David Drugg's picture

I could listen to and learn from Joe McNally for hours on end, but this video was horrible. There were many shots that Joe referred to that were not shown and the video stayed on a shot for a long time after Joe commented on it. Seems like the content/context of the video would call for more professional camera work.

Andre Goulet's picture

For a very short, but very illustrative video of lighting a face, check out Joe Edelman's Remember The Egg:

michael buehrle's picture

i wish that more of joe mcnally's pics were in the video. i would have liked to see some that he was talking about.

Arnab Ghosal's picture

Loads of great ones. There are a few from B&H that I think are great, but here's one:

- Jerry Ghionis on using light

- on composition

I also love these short videos from Joey L:

Adam Chandler's picture
Anonymous's picture

Thanks for this article Ryan! While I intend to watch all four videos over the next couple of days I wanted to view the one from Zach Arias first. It's been a little over a year since I started my photography business so it's a good time for me to review the state of my business, determine my strengths and weaknesses and make any necessary changes. I definitely have changes that I need to, and will, make. Thanks again!