Natural light portrait

50mm · f/4.5 · 1/200s · ISO 320
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Stunning !

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Thank you)

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silly good!

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Great work.

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It's rare when I give a photo a 5-star rating... but this one seriously deserves it... even *if* I'm going to make a small critic.

The shadow, and more importantly the highlight on the left side the length of her neck. While anatomically correct, I'm wondering if it could be refined to blend back into the distance (darker, softer?).

With that said, the model and the photo are so stunning, it's only at a second viewing (staring!) at this gorgeous work, that I even noticed it.

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Thank you, Doc! And you're 100% right

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Now I'm blushing the color of the redhead! Slightly embarrassed I even mentioned it to be honest. Keep up the great work, and I just love your entire portfolio (also on 500px) and everything you do.

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Thank you)

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amazing !

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Very good picture, but her right eye dont look natural, did you duplicated from left eye or is just me?

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No, the same treatment for both)

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Nice work!...love the lighting....and the final result, soft yet punchy.

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Thank you)

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Lovely just lovely and clean.

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Just look at those eyes :D

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Fantastic work!

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Whoa this one has that funky typography in the corner too!! Is it on your lens?? Other than that it's awesome man!! You should check your lenses for more of those things... very pesky.

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Window only)

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Absolutely glorious.

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Thank you)

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Amazing portrait! She reminds me so much of Marisa Berenson.

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Unbelievably beautiful!

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Excellent work! I like how you maintained her freckles. The eye: awesome!

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What is her full name