Jean-Claude Vorgeack's picture

Scarlett | Lingerie Test

86mm · f/4.8 · 1/180s · ISO 800
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I'm really into this location

nice location, good model but great Lighting! Is it all natural light?

Thank you! Yes, natural light with white V-flats to camera left.

Ah nice! i also like the weird triple window reflection in the background left..Really cool...

Another Incredible shot.

amazing !!!

Hot nearly naked chicks... always a crowd pleaser. Branch out and shoot some dudes bro!!!

I love it when people call me "bro". Gets me so hot.

What an odd thing to say...

Great job especially the natural light. Congratulations Jean Claude ;-)

Thanks...From one JC to another!

Good shapes and use of the location JC


Available light, flash?

Just window light with a white fill on left side of model

I am curious. Are you i

What happens when a photographer that can shoot the "hot model" shoots the 16 year old girl who may have a weight issue and an acne problem? My only point is it is really hard not to hit the mark with these gals.

Impress me and show me what you can do with the "real people".

I understand they are not your market, but still... impress me.

This is so perfect!

Love the lighting and the pose. Beautiful woman, too. But the light and the pose make it. Great location, too.