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50mm · f/2.2 · 1/50s · ISO 400
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What's wrong with her eyes?

colored contact lenses?

Her left one seems to have its own agenda. I had a friend with a lazy eye, and during shoots, it would just sort of drift outward. She was not shy about asking me to let her know when this happened.

I was not looking at her eyes

They are not in focus, and her gaze is too wide open. Her pose looks a bit too uncomfortable and unnatural, and her facial expression a bit dead. I think the photographer is mainly relaying on the hanging boobies to pull this whole thing together, but for me is breaking apart. No, I am not some big shot, nor make flawless images. Just giving my hones opinion. Maybe he has some better images of this take.

Exactly. That pose and facial expression… weird :/

It's ok, it's true :)

The eyes are horribly over-'shopped.

Otherwise, it'd be a good photo.

One more time - colored contact lenses. If light hit harder directly eyes, they look all white:)

Fair enough, but perhaps toning them down in Photoshop would actually help -- either way, it does detract from the image as it sticks out.

Nice pair of.....short.

Her eyes.... uh, oh yeah her eyes. Right. I think it's just her gaze - a little over done. I still love the shot.

Her unusual slightly bordering on mischievous shy reluctant look is a perfect capture, the contact lenses enhance the entire shot giving it that playfully seductive to dangerous kind of look, which sort of says "you dont want to mess with me" .. hey I like the shot

The model & lighting is wonderful. If you will pardon my saying so, what takes away from this image is behind the model. The window line going through the back of the model's head and the shade are distracting. Thank you for sharing this image.

Good, natural shot. Nice lighting. I would clean up a little background, especially lower right corner - get rid off that white stuff and blur the rest. Beautiful and very sexy model!

Very nice one!

Her eyes are certainly in focus.