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Kitchen stories

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50mm · f/2.5 · 1/200s · ISO 400
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John John's picture

Really nice shot, and she keeps the kitchen nice and clean.

Michael Bartello's picture

She needs some light on her face.

Yannick K.'s picture

I love the mood but like Michael said, may be some light on her would be nice.
Just a detail, I would have masked the red clock on the oven.

Tomash Masojc's picture

about some light on the face, maybe true, but i can't change it now :) about red digits, i thought it would look good in this modern style kitchen, so left it

Yannick K.'s picture

The kitchen looks modern with or without it, I just find that red spot distracting.
But a great shot anyway

Michael Ellison's picture

Nice photo. Shadows skin tone and background give decent contrast. But you lost the face a soft diffuser to cast some light and complete the subject would help.

Jay Smith's picture

Very nice shot, beautiful model, great shadows & soft natural light. Thank you for sharing this image.

Ivelin Zhelyazkov's picture

Nice shot!