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Get Jacked

This was a portfolio boosting shoot I did with fitness model Harold Duncan. I wanted to try some new things and get some material that stands out from the crowed. Directly beside my studio is a private UFC training facility. I traded with the owner so I could shoot in the space. I rented a Haze machine from the local production effects store. I also custom made a triangle light, kinda like a ring flash, but constant light and triangle. The rim lights were two Alien Bee 800's with 30 degree grids. I made fake sweat by mixing water and glycerine in a spray bottle. I got Harold to scream as loud as he could and flex his rippling muscles. And viola, thats how this shot was made. The question I get all the time on this photo is "is this a composite"? Its not, the background is real.

Canon 7D
17mm · f/6.3 · 1/160s · ISO 400
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that lil fluorescent light at the top of his head makes a super annoying tangent... buff that out would ya!! xoxox

Your totally right. I didn't even see that. It's crazy how you can work on one image for so long and not see something like that.

Sometimes you're too close to something and you gotta take a step back. I often stand up from my computer and back up quite a ways to look for different things like that.

did you update this thing?? Lemme see!!!