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Brian Zalewski's picture

That Color!

Greg Desiatov's picture

The tones are wonderful

Eddie Olaleye's picture

I love the way the catchlight in the eyes!

Eddie Vanderloot's picture

fantastic capture

charles warren's picture

Very pretty shot. You got this Right!!!

Katherine C's picture

This is amazing!

Kevin Shull's picture

The model has such a perfect face for this image. Beautiful tones with a storybook quality. wonderful

Win Mag's picture

love the toning here

Anonymous's picture

I didn't notice the banding or appearance thereof. As for the blemishes, I used to remove all such marks but I read someone's comment that you should leave one/some because it helps mitigate the appearance of photoshopping to perfection (i.e. these are real people). Kinda agree on the hair...

Ivan D's picture

Good shoot!

Frank McMahon's picture

Fantastic shot

GG G's picture

Beautiful subject.

Carl Pennington's picture

Absolutely Stunning!

James Baker's picture

A really great shot. The model is absolutely georgeous!!!