Beautiful Milena and true emotions.

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I really like it except for the distracting lights to the right and nudging out of her hairline on the left. The lighting on her face is a bit odd too, don't know if that's her natural coloring or your lighting.

Trully those lights are strong, her eyes draws me so much I don't see too much of other things on this photo :D Light on her face is all natural, not sure what you mean about coloring ? (redish ? yellow?) I trying to make skin color look as nice as possible, and in this case I like the effect (sometimes it's bit worse uhm ;) ) Thanks for comment my friend, I appreciate time you've spent for commenting <3

I know what you mean about not seeing too much of the background. Photographing a pretty girl can be very distracting and Milena is VERY pretty! :-)

The area around her cheekbones is reddish (makeup?) but her jawline and the area around her mouth are a bit pale. This would seem normal and very pleasing but her forehead is a little reddish too.
Again...I like it a lot, that just seemed odd.

This little reddish I haven't removed in retouching phase, in fact I do like when there is bit more red than in most those "yellow faces" trend I see over the web. Yet distribution is not event, that's what could be improved here i guess. Anyway thank you for deep analyse :)