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Take off

The first time I saw these jumps I was blown away, it looked like something straight out of a pro contest. With all the beautiful scenery I wasn't sure where to start shooting. But while everyone was warming up I decided to take a few runs myself and ended up falling pretty hard on the last jump. Now in pain and dripping sweat I did the only logical thing, headed for the shade. I had saw this shot earlier in the day, and considering it was the only place I could sit in the shade I knew this was my spot. After getting a few decent shots I knew I needed one with the rider way up in the air so I turned to one guy who could launch this jump as many times as I needed, Chris Morell.
After another few attempts we nailed this shot. I just love how the sunlight is hitting the jump and the rider perfectly and the backside of the first landing is shaded forcing you to look straight at the action. Combine that with the beautiful background and crisp blue skys and you just can't lose.

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