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- Accept orders for retouching your photos. Retoucher.
- Education photo processing. Live and video tutorials my retouching techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom.
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Gabriel Molocea's picture

How did you make the skin to look like this?

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Lightroom + Photoshop)

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I know that, but can you recommend a tutorial for skin retouch?

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Retouching performed by Frequency Separation. You can buy my video tutorial or try to find something similar on the Internet.

Anonymous's picture

Duplicate the layer twice. Gaussian or surface blur the first duplicate and make it just blurry enough that skin detail is gone (but no more than that). Put a High Pass filter on the second duplicate (which should be the layer above the blurred layer) and adjust the radius so that you can see detail in your photo but it's not too extreme. Switch the blending mode to 'soft light' or 'overlay' depending on preference. Place the two duplicate layers into their own group then alt-click on the 'create mask' icon below your layers panel. At that point simply use your masking technique of choice to take your newly-created airbrushed skin and layer it on top of your original photo.

Michael Murphy's picture

Great image, very creative. the skin tone would have been easy to do with a speed-lite and a 12 inch soft diffuser disc. Acts like a beauty light.

Angelina veronica's picture

Her lip looks so sweet , Thanks for sharing .

Matthias Dengler's picture

5* no doubt. I love the overall detail.
Especially the water drops and the face. Really amazing job, dude!