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Illusion Pencils

An image that I made with the idea of creating an optical illusion using pencil. It could've be done using 60 pencils (the composition), but the effect would be different because of the lighting, so I photographed just one pencil and composed the final image.

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Love the illusion, draws me in to the shot LOL excuse the pun LOL

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Hahaha... Nice one. Don't worry about that and thank you for your comment :D

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Love the idea and Execution!!!

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Thank you Shyama ^_^

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Very cool indeed :)

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Thank you Shaun ^_^

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Thank you William and sorry for the late answer, I don't log in here too often... Good idea, I'll give it a try :-) I've done other images like this one, but using only black pencil too (didn't post here).

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No, it was kinda simple to lit it actually, since it was just one pencil (I duplicated it a lot, the reason for that is that the light would act different if it was 60 pencils, and the final effect would be different as well, and the result that I had in mind was exactly this one).