Magnetic sight by Dima Begma
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Magnetic sight

Sell lessons retouching.There are ready-made video tutorials on photo retouching of color and black-and-white portraits.
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October 3, 2016 - 4:33pm
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Love your work!

So beautiful . Thanks for sharing .

Right off the bat we have an unusual presentation. A face, shot peering intently through jagged plant forms, as in a scene from a movie. The pov of the model is unique enough. But it's added interest generated by the model's demeanor, which is curious and questioning, that makes the sum more than the parts. The model has strong character and beauty without typical cuteness, the plant forms are spikey and foreign rather than local, adding mystery. You want to know what she is thinking, that is big.

So we have subtly presented here a better than average idea. (If this comment box allowed it, I'd put "idea" in italics.) I just noticed the artist's own portrait shares somewhat the same facial look. This is good, this is what you want; to be able to tell who shot a photo by it's visually consistent character.

The exact light pattern, whether the light pattern falls exactly on eyes or not, the exact framing and how much is plants, the fall of the collar of the sweater, are all just minor variables that could be different and still be as strong or stronger. Notice the small square version in the thumbnails to the right has nice qualities, due the tighter framing. What is important is that the photographer is on to something here with the choice of this facial expression and this setup. They have synergy, and synergy adds power to images.


Toned-down skin pore detail on the bridge of the nose and added sharpness to just the edges of the eyelids and iris would be worth trying, if I could not find a like shot with the focus plane exactly on the eyes.

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This is mighty....Might Great.