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Bill Peppas's picture

Purely a personal preference, but I would remove the tree bark on the top right corner and replace it with nearby pixel data, and lastly clone out the two people on the street.
The rest is superb.

Matthias Dengler's picture

You are absolutely talented, sir!

Joey McClain's picture

I love this, it has a Cinematic quality to it. Yes I agree with Bill that a little more crop at the top but that could happen when it is framed also. I would love to see the settings and set up. I'm intrigued. GREAT SHOT!!

Sascha Pihan's picture

Amazing. When I see this photo I can FEEL the cold. But the she hast this warm hint of a smell. Great shot! I disagree with Bill since the trees give a nice framing and the people in the background give a balance between model and snowy ground.

Evan Kane's picture

Gorgeous image, wow!