Playing with colors and perspective with gorgeous Marika

Canon 5D Mark II
85mm · f/2.2 · 1/125s · ISO 100
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Very nice. If you don't mind, where does Marika work out of?

Pawel Witkowski's picture

She's currently a student in Poland, you could probably contact her here if you like: https://www.instagram.com/marika_photomodel/

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The shot is great. the model is very pretty. However, there is one thing that caught my eye. the post in extending from her left hand. This could be intentional. If so, it could be your style. I think, had you moved her to the other side of the post, I think the photo would have had more impact. Sometimes these things slip up on you. Still a very good shot. Chuck
Good Luck, Pawel

Pawel Witkowski's picture

No it was not intentional. In fact I don't really like how hand look like on this photo, yet the rest of the photo had this nice feeling so I left it in. I retouched this photo some time ago and honestly I don't like the colour there, I was thinking about removing it but uhh... ;)