Tonya by Georgy Chernyadyev
October 21, 2016

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Dave McDermott's picture

Fantastic shot. I love everything about it.

Naren Senaratna's picture

Great shot .. love the way you've captured a mischievous playful look .. are you moving with the model in this shot?

Bill Peppas's picture

Looks like a... Dani Diamond :D

Nice one dude!

Georgy Chernyadyev's picture

Do not make me laugh!

Justabeginner photographer's picture

Yea the style is similar but I think Gerogy's techniques are a little more refined. His pictures look cleaner and better. And he does not use a 2000 dollar lens and 3000 dolalr body like Dani.

Evan Kane's picture

Beautiful edit, wow!

Markus Aspegren's picture

Really love this one. This is third time I come back to see this :D

Excellent work! Do you have tutorials on how to achieve this?

Georgy Chernyadyev's picture

Yes, i have! Write me in facebook

I would like to check your tutorials, too. Great work.

Emanuele La Grotteria's picture

I discored you on youtube !
Great pic!

Matthias Dengler's picture

Great post production! And of course a great shot as well!

Steve Vlahos's picture

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, you have exceeded your limit :) Great shot!

Renard McGhee's picture

I love how the warmth of her hair and skin separates her from the cooler background colors

Wow, very beautiful

Evan Graves's picture

well done!