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In the light of night lights

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Flash right?

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No, just a constant light of a lamp.

bergstrom trom's picture

camera settings and lens?

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Sigma 35mm/ ƒ/1.8/ 1/100s/ ISO 320

Gary Neita's picture

The Sigma has done a marvelous job. May I ask the camera model?

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Thanks. Camera - Nikon D610.

DJ Toman's picture

I can't believe people are looking at this image and asking about gear. Meanwhile, I'm thinking that rarely have my eyes ever seen such a perfectly formed set of...

Light, pose and composition help, too, of course.

Don L's picture

huh? camera? camera gear? .




Jay Smith's picture

Thank you for sharing this image. The model's body position is excellent. The lighting is wonderful. In my opinion, if you crop the negative space from the left side of the model, you take her from the center of the frame.

Dima Begma's picture

Thank you for your opinion. But I do not think it's a good idea. Model looking to the left and will be bad if her eyes would rest on the edge of the photo.

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