Infinity by Bill Peppas
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November 10, 2016

I wanted to capture a minimal scene with little to no distractions and with a serene mood.
So, out I went, and stumbled upon the remains of what used to be a wooden dock.
With a little photoshop magic I got rid of the distractions in the surroundings of the dock and the distant background.

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Hey Bill, I love your work. I am the moderator of the group 'Minimalism, Abstract and Beyond'. I think you would be a good fit for us. Just wanted to let you know about us! Cheers!

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Hello Ruthie! Thank you very much for your comment and compliments, it means a lot :)

I'll gladly join you good folks in the group and try to submit an image every now and then.

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Great news! Looking forward to it!

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