Cedar Breaks by Rex Jones
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Cedar Breaks

December 5, 2016

As a national monument, Cedar Breaks doesn't get quite the attention that some of the national parks like Zion or Bryce get. But it rightfully deserves the attention, this place is absolutely incredible! The unique views of the sandstone formations are just beyond words and a picture really only goes so far...there's just nothing quite like seeing it in person!

16mm · f/16 · 1/80s · ISO 50
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William Howell's picture

Question, did you composite the sun burst, if you did it is excellent, if not then it's even more impressive.

Rex Jones's picture

No composites here. :) That sun-burst was captured all in-camera. The only real trick was to stop the lens down to f/16. A wider f-stop resulted in a more muted sun-burst, and a narrower f-stop ended up creating too much of a sun-burst.

William Howell's picture

Got it, f16 is the sweet spot for this photo, I will remember this, thank you.👍