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Family portrait

Yesterday I had an awesome familyphoto session.

Light setup:
One flash with blue gel and softbox on the right side
One beauty dish in front of the family and one softbox on the left
Also used smokemachine to soften lights and to create right mood to the picture.

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That kid.............LOL!...

Saw this in the Family Portraits critique, and it inspired me to join FStoppers. Love the mixing of hard/soft/gelled lights. Your models did an amazing job too. When I first saw the baby they are so perfect I figured it was a composite, but, if it is it is really well done.

Thank you! Clad you liked it!! The photo is one shot so no composite required. Baby was making funny faces all the time so I had plenty of great impressions to choose from :)

I love this lol. That kid is like ooooooh mommas bout to win!

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