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Dreaming of Mesquite

The visit to Death Valley stands as one of the strongest and best memories from the US - which says alot! I can't believe a month has passed since I walked in the mesquite sand dunes! Even though I had two sunsets in this place I could easily have spend a week just learning, learning and learning from my experiences! A top priority for me was to capture some strong foregrounds with the Milky Way behind. Even though it was almost new moon the moon did light up a bit too much, so I've made another composite with a Milky Way picture from the earlier evenings. This time both pictures were taken in Death Valley, but at different times and in different directions. I've grown really fond of these night images. I'll definitely create a lot more! I love this dreamy and epic feeling to them. Remember to press the picture to see it all - it's pretty tall ;)
foreground: f/14, ISO100, 4sec
background: 5 stitch pano at f/1.4, ISO1600, 25sec

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