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Bandon beach was a happy surprise and our first destination in Oregon. We played around with some long exposures and I got this foreground for another composite in my series of night seascapes called "Flow". The cliffs are really cool and I wanted the leading lines to "flow" through the picture ;)
Sky: 5 picture pan, 20mm / 25s / f1.4 / ISO1600
Foreground: 16mm / ƒ/14 / 1/2s / ISO100
500px: https://500px.com/photo/197552457/flow-ii-by-mads-peter-iversen
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Great shot, well composed with excellent use of leading lines, and a lot of interesting things happening.
It would be cool to see this with the stars trailed as well to show the stillness of the rocks while both the sky and the water flowed past them.

Thanks a lot Rob :)