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PoleFlow Ladies

Some people say they look like angels falling from heaven and some see them going up. I however see it as a commercial poster that I was asked to create for the PoleFlow Ladies.

A charter member of the Ladies contacted me and asked that could I take new potraits of the group because of the old ones have been there for a while and needed some upgrade. They didn´t have any idea how it should look and trusted my vision so I had “carte blanche” to create this artwork.

My first thought was that I just make trendy series of flour flying in the air to emphasize the movement of the dancers and that I actually did. However on the way home I had an idea to combine this serie of portraits to one piece of digital artwork where this pole-dancing group is surrounded by clouds and having their show on the top of the skylines.

As I published it, turned out that many of the viewer related it to religion in a way or another. Some said it is sinful piece of a work and some of them think its liberating. Later on I have realized that this picture does have a creative contrast between religious / spiritual thoughts and is also sophisticated way to create vision for the viewers of this not so traditional “pole-dancer” group. But in the end, its just a beautiful poster of talented pole-dancers.

Making of video: https://youtu.be/jGPXyz4AYcc

48mm · f/4.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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People put their own slant on things. I don't see anything spiritual about it, or commercial for that matter. I just see it as art. Great work.