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an experimental product or advertisement photography I did years ago.

I DO NOT recommend these kinds of photography to those who have high-level of blood sugar and fat because you will end up eating everything after the shooting or even meanwhile the project is going on which will not be healthy at all!
thankfully our assistance took care of these before I finish cleaning up the set.

[NOTE: just in case you are wondering how this is made, you can find the before after video in my Instagram @farbodgreen. I should say the chocolate drop is all made in photoshop (simple drawing + adding reflections), I could not capture the exact moment I was looking for which was right before chocolate drop lands on the strawberry.]

Canon 5D Mark III
85mm · f/2.8 · 2.5s · ISO 160
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yummy !

haha, good for the assistance who made them vanish in a second!